Androgyny-The Third Option

Grace Jones

Given the new misogynistic beat, ladies clothes will split in two directions--more feminine than ever and more masculine, ready for the boxing ring. Style choice will indicate selected mode of response to the new battleground of same-old, same-old.
Keep a third eye on the ever present androgynous option, a sideshow that makes its center stage debut from time to time.

Ms. Mannerisms answers:

Question: How do I know the right pronoun to use if I'm not sure?

Answer: Um... ask!  "Do you have a preferred pronoun?" is a highly respectful question.  Some prefer "he", some "she", some "they".  You will have offered your respect and your vulnerability.  If I'm not sure, I will say "they", as in:  "They are rocking that corset"...and be okay with being corrected. 

Questions for Ms. Mannerisms on feminine style manners...? Send her a question!

Image-ination Picks

Lets start with a classic, the impossibly real Grace Jones. Photo by Naforrer

Grace Jones

Stella Tennant is the first really big androgynous supermodel I remember

Stella Tennant

Although Twiggy was probably super first


Kate Moss brought the house down when all 5'7 of her showed up on the supermodel scene

kate moss

Scarlett Jo-handsome :). Recalls Greta Garbo. Photo of Scarlett Johansson by Progressive Thinking-

scarlett johanssen


Kendall Jenner looking appropriately ambiguous. Photo: Kardashian Pedia on Twitter: "Kendall Jenner for the CPS Chaps Spring/Summer 2016 campaign Photographed by Greg Kadel "

 kendall Jenner

One of the more infamous and pioneering moments of late

Caitlyn Jenner

Tilda Swinton has been unapologetically transgressive

Tilda Swinton


Says it all. Sexy

short blonde hair

They were just so original and eye catching, had to include them. And did you say orange?

orange drogyny

Annie Lennox. The. Most. Awesome. Photo: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

annie lennox

Indian contemporary designer: inmyclothes

indian contemporary style


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