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New York Fashion Week fall 2017 fashion trends slogans

This past weekend, Gavin Grimm, a 17-year-old transgender boy went up against the Supreme Court, The President of the United States and his Administration, and the conservative powers that call the shots now. All over the right to use his bathroom of choice. The case was potentially re-routed for the moment due to a cleverly preemptive legal technicality. Some might say this is yet another fringe element wanting human rights. Give them fringes I say!

Fringes are well known whip-like protection when the bully's got you in the boys room flushing your head down the toilet. Or hey, when the girls' laughter and ridicule has you humiliated in the girls room, just flash them your fringes--they'll totally accept you in like a nanosecond. Totes for reelz. Also NBD but fringes are #10 on top 15 trends of Fall 2017 New York Fashion Week.

Admittedly, fringes are not typical androgynous wear. Andro-wear draws less attention to body and perhaps more to attitude. It's more about clean and simple lines--A-ha! Just what First Lady Melania Trump likes to wear! Here's another subversive feminist fashion pick I recommend for the First Lady. We have got to dress her in a vest over all those pussy bow blouses. So many fashion owls to send, so little time.

But for safety's sake all, just add a little fringe or two (bangs count!) when you've got the bathroom blues. You'll forget all about TFW majority rule doesn't recognize your rights as a human. It's called Fashion Therapy, yaas queen!

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Question: Wait, What? Androgyny?  When did this whole thing start?

Answer:  It's been around for ever really.  In Native American Tribes those born androgynous become the healers and shamans.  But we Westerners are a modern binary culture that can only really mass manage checking one of two boxes.  Until someone figures it out! Check out Style-ology #1: Androgyny for a look at some of the more popular androgynous looks we know and have loved, starting with Twiggy. Click here

Image-ination Picks

At the final presidential debate, Melania in Ralph Lauren jumpsuit teamed with a wide belt and another pussy-bow.
Okay, this is the perfect basic, minimalist layer on the First Lady.  Now lets add a vest or a jacket, some fringes, or upgrade to a suit.

For the pussy bow story, click here.

 How about this Aviator Vest by Haute Butch? A perfect frame for a pussy bow.

Haute Butch Aviator Vest

Another ultra hip vest look over the simple clean lines of the Garcon Wingtipped Tuxedo Shirt by Haute Butch.

Haute Butch cadet

Or do we go straight for the fringe?

Click here to see fringes.

Here's upscale fringe feathers.  This is Prada 2017 Spring/Summer Campaign, which I saw for the first time in WSJ Fashion Magazine.  Fashion is joining the fray big time with human rights messages, androgynous model selection and andro-wear sensibilities.

Click here to see campaign, fringes are third photo down.

Dior made an big statement with twins who model all sorts of mix and match aspects of femininity in their spring summer 2017 campaign.

Click here to see photo.

One of the original androgynous models (also in Style-ology #1) years later is still bringing the look.  Stella Tennant models a Ralph Lauren army field jacket in this season's campaign.

Click here to see photo.

Michelle Williams and Louis Vuitton are also looking very Twiggy in the current ad campaign.

Click here to see photo.

This Havilland blazer from Wildfang would be amazing on either of the First Ladies.

Wildfang Havilland

And look what I found. (photo:


For Valentines Day this year, Kate Middleton wore a Philosophy di Lorenzo twill blazer and black pants complete with matching black boots and gloves. (photo: Getty)

 Kate Middleton Wears Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Blazer

Ivanka, how about this for a casual work look?  The Redgrave Blazer from Wildfang.

Wildfang the redgrave blazer


Or this Cadet Blue Horizontal Striped Shirt, also from Haute Butch?

Cadet Blue Horizontal Striped Shirt6

Or super super cazh... feminist tee from Wildfang.

wildfang feminist tee model

And isn't this interesting.  This Haute Butch Gotham White piece really reminds me of...

Haute Butch Gotham White

Melania's inauguration day collar on dress by Ralph Lauren.  Who knew Melania and Ralph Lauren were so fashion forward? See, we really can all get along. (Photo:

Melania ralph lauren

Melania and Ivanka could wear some of this years NY Fashion Weeks very upscale dresses in support of the fringe elements of our diverse culture.

From "#10: Fun Fringe. Whether on Marchesa in a gorgeous evening design or looking fun and flirty on Michael Kors, fringe is still very much in and seems to be dominating the second half of the 2010s. Wear it in leather or feathery sweet, in layers or as accents, across the edge or accessorizing, it matters not. Fringe is and seems will be staying a top trend."

 New York Fashion Week fall 2017 fashion trends fringe


Add This Look To Your Closet

Click on each item to view:

$- less expensive

Wildfang feminist tee as shown above

Dee Black Faux Leather Extreme Fringe Belt as shown above

Kira Black Extreme Fringe Faux Leather Biker Jacket edgier look

Michael Kors Fringed Merino Turtleneck

Michael Kors Fringe Poncho

Wildfang The Vitti Blazer as shown above

Haute Butch Garcon Wing Tipped Tuxedo Shirt as shown above

Banana Republic Fringe Pink Tweed A-Line Skirt double score- pink AND fringe

$$$- more expensive

Michael Kors Fringed Wool Stretch Cape Dress

Prada Fringed Leather Gloves

Saint Laurent Fringed Suede Biker Jacket

Karla Colletto Fresco Fringed Ruched Bandeau Swim Suit

Stella McCartney Fringed Wide Leg Wool Pants

Equipment Emilia fringed cashmere scarf double score-fringe and pink

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