Hey Ivanka, What Up Bra? Asymmetry for Sure

Paris Fashion Week spring 2017 fashion trends asymmetry decunstruction


Asymmetrical lines are a fresh and fun look V in fashion right now. #NYFW and #PFW are full of them, many designers are offering dresses, skirts, blouses and even sweaters that are slightly or extremely off kilter. Speaking of off kilter…

Ivanka Trump wore an asymmetrical foreign made cocktail dress which revealed her bra strap to her Father’s first address to Joint Congress. Huh, huh and huh? The asymmetry part is in step with the times. But wearing your bra out to Congress? What is the message there? Although the bra in question was black and clearly chosen in mourning for her seat mate who was the widow of a Navy SEAL recently lost overseas. I'm sure the mourning bra was appreciated.

Perhaps Ivanka confused this for a red carpet charity event appearance, which actually makes some sense. And I am sure she missed her father’s “America First” statement calling for American designers because she is very busy with the women’s movement.  Who was very busy wearing the white suffraggette look to that same event. Better to be off-kilter than out of step. But both? And don't ask your out-of-step-mother for advice either. She showed up in a black cocktail suit to an all-white suffragette party. Time to leave the castle! Anyway... a look at Asymmetry.

Ms. Mannerisms Q&A:

Q:  Isn't #powerofchoice part of the women’s movement?

A: Ivanka is right, #powerofchoice is the core of the moment. You get to choose when and where and what you show. However, contingent upon that power is the necessity of good judgment and timing and context. Some would call that “good taste". If there is no red carpet, and nations and lives are at stake, put a suit on it, and probably an on-kilter one.

Image-ination Picks:

Oh, Ivanka, what up sister? A Roland Mouret red off-the-shoulder cocktail dress for a government speech? Out of line and out of step. As is step-mother in a black sparkly suit, while the rest of the women in congress wore conservative white suits, fit for the occasion, in honor of women's rights. Elle.com was right in it's article:  "Ivanka Trump Will Not Fix "Women's Issues", She Will Distract From Them".

Click here to see Ivanka in red dress, photo 5.

We have out-of-step and out-of-stepmother.  I don't think they're "making statements".  I think they're oblivious to the rhythm of life outside the castle.  Here's this one, in a $10,000 Michael Kors cocktail suit.  (Photo: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times)

Click here to see Melania in black suit, photo 2.

And here's everyone else.  Photo:  Doug Mills/The New York Times.

Click here to see the women of congress in white suits, photo 3.

"The effort, led by Representative Lois Frankel of Florida, the chairwoman of the House Democratic Women’s Working Group, had been communicated to the group on Monday in a letter that called for members to wear white to “stand in solidarity with the women of our nation.” (NY Times, photo: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times)

 Click here to see a group shot with the women of congress in white suits, photo 4.

However if you were a rockstar at #PFW, Ivanka, you could wear this. Nikki Minaj in Givenchy shorts, A Mugler top, shoes by Alexandre Vauthier and a pastie by Agent Provacateur.  Rings by Pristine and purple shades by Veronique Leroy.

asymmetry nikki minaj

But since you are the de-facto First Lady of the US, how about something like this.  Duchess Kate Middleton in Roksanda Ilincic dress, suede LK Bennet hells, diamond Kiki McDonough earings and a braided chignon.  It's tasteful and the neckline is indeed, asymmetrical.  But much easier on the eyes of those trying to think about politics.

asymmetry kate middleton

Here's a classic Oscar de La Renta from #NYFW.  A pick in Vogue.co.uk Autumn/Winter 2017 Fashion Takeaway.  Nice twist with the boots. Photo: Indigital.
asymmetry oscar de la renta

Balenciaga is totally off the charts with unique bra strap asymmetry, form and stockinged boots. In Vogue.co.uk #PFW Digest. Photo: Rex Features.

asymmetry balenciaga

Are you ready to wear the big "A"?  This is an Anthoony Vaccarello Black and White One Sleeve Tee with Asymmetrical Skirt from Spring 2015.

asymmetry anthony vaccarello spring 2015 ready to wear collection 39 666x1000

And still going strong....
Fashionisers.com Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Fashion Trends: #9. Extreme Asymmetry

"Asymmetry is always a great way to add intrigue to the runway, but this season designers took it into their hands to construct instances of split designs altogether; several designers made iterations of the same split coat. The fit, color, pattern, or any combination of those was different on either side; it made a statement on the runway and it will hopefully catch and be equally as stunning on the streets come spring next year".

Paris Fashion Week spring 2017 fashion trends asymmetry decunstruction

Add This Look To Your Closet

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Christophe Sauvat Asymmetrical Silk Top

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