Super Spy Wear

kim kardashian balenciaga crop

Purchase and adorn immediately romantic or archaic piece of Russian Empire low-neckline corseted lace or fur trimmed hat with cape fatale. Or for an Eastern dinner look, a nice fitted dress with Mandarin collar. Go geisha with red lipstick. Feeling the need to look internationally fearsome? A clutch with brass knuckles or steel tipped stiletto boots completes the look. Metal plated panties included.

Ms. Mannerisms Answers:

Todays question: is Kylie Jenner stealing the scene from friend Kim Kardashian by co-opting the corset look?

Answer: No. Copying is and remains complimentary. Particularly in this age of relentless reality re-tweets, repetition rocks!

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Image-ination Picks

Kim Kardashian, born super spy at Balenciaga

kim kardashian balenciaga

Kylie Jenner super fly spy, photo Us Weekly

kylie jenner corset


Russian inspired corset ideas 

small russian corset         small russian corset 2        small corset white and gold


Romantic Stylin'

corset ties view from back

Posh Spice stiletto style

Posh Spice

Clutch, Starlets and Harlets

clutch small

Anna Paquin at the Red Carpet Fashion Awards in Alexander McQueen

anna paquin alexander mcqueen dress

Vintage, Red Gold silk Mandarin Collar wiggle dress on pinterest, "Or wiggle right out of there with the secret documents dress"

geisha collar wiggle dress

But just make sure to slip these on underneath. Hanes introduces new no-way panties, photo in The Onion.

metal panties



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$- less expensive

Kim Kardashian has a waist trainer to help you train your waist into one of these clinchers

Forever 21 Selling Kardashian/Jenner corset wear

Friday Elegant Sleeveless Embroidered Mini Dress

Badgley Mischka Faux Leather Trim Long Trench Coat persuasive in pink

$$$- more expensive

Rebels Market Alustrial Cloud Captain White Corset

Net-a-Porter Roberto Cavalli Leopard Print Trench Coat

Net-a-Porter Proenza Schouler cropped stretch-wool flared pants- perfect with corset

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