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Well since we are all wearing our pussy cats on our heads these days, why not add a metaphorical phallus or two into your wardrobe? Hey, we are for equality, and that means wearing all genitals equally. How about baggy low crotch pants with suspenders to make room for those big balls we've all grown? Wear it with a cool rooster t-shirt that says cock-a-doodle-who? Perhaps even a fedora. Or chaps and a corset. Or keep the beautiful dress and add a cowboy hat and boots.  Just remember: equal air time for all exposed privates.

Ms. Mannerism answers:

Question: What is the proper attire for a faux funeral?
Answer: Bowling Green is the new black.

Questions for Ms. Mannerisms on feminine style manners...? Send her a question!

Image-ination Picks

One pink hat...                                                                                 photo by

pussy hat 2


One black hat...

neil patrick harris rolling stone


Many pink and black hats, but mostly pink hats. 

pink crowd small


How about these pants and suspenders...



With this tee...

i heart rooster t shirts men s ringer t shirt

Baggy pants with tude, by cassie@cassiesuper.  Wear them with:

baggy pants


This tee...

Rise And Grind Rooster TShirt paulville 2 0 SMRiseNGrindDetail


Christina was ahead of her time with some Nasty, Dirty Chaps
Taping a VH1 / MTV special in New York, 07 OCT 2002.

aguilera dirrty chaps


This look scores on several elements, hat, low crotch, suspenders, fitted jacket and bow tie. Photo by



On a tour in Japan, cowboy hat in pink and silver with a pink tailored suit jacket.
Lady Gaga is known for being super mixtual.  Photo by Just Jared.

lady gaga promotes joanne in japan 04


Cowboy hat and femme dress.  So pretty and powerful.
Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Return From Mexican Paradise: Photo 1079501 | Kim Kardashian, Reggis Bush Pictures | Just Jared

kim kardashian reggie bush 01


Do you like my hat?
I do! I do! I do like your hat-  Dr. Seuss

wedding cake


Add This Look To Your Closet

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$- less expensive

Haute Butch Aviator Vest

Haute Butch Unisex Suspenders

Pink Pussyhat patterns only

I Love Rooster t-shirt

Uniqlo rayon twill pinstripe pants as seen in NYTimes Browsing

$$$- more expensive

Net-a-porter Bassike Cotton-blend tapered pants

Net-a-porter Rick Owens cropped wool track pants

Net-a-porter Adam Lippes Layered pleated georgette and crepe wide-leg pants

Net-a-porter Ronald Van Der Kemp- Patchwork printed cotton-flannel, denim and twill pants (In case Steve Bannon hires you)

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