Dress Like a Woman

Melania bikinis


This week we have all been instructed by the President to Dress Like a Woman.

Apparently Mad Men make Nasty Women. Dress like a woman Mr. President? Like Melania? Metal bikini or with assault weapon? Or Jackie O costume? Actually, maybe Melania has some good ideas. It seems weaponry and armor may be quite appropriate. Here is the exhilarating range of our First Lady and some extra fabulous armed ideas for how to style your own sojourn into super woman.

Ms. Mannerisms Q&A- ask your questions here

Question: Is it okay to post your most erotic super woman look?
Answer: Doubtful. Beware the double-edged dastards sword. You can only look like that if you’re actually famous or well on your way. Otherwise, you may be offered a price for your services.

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Image-ination Picks

First Lady Melania Trump as futuristic warrior woman.  Armor is presidentially approved.

Melania bikinis


First Lady Melania Trump-inator, photo on www.snopes.com.  Tough chicks approved.

 melania with gun


Melania Trump says she would like to be First Lady.  She has definitely got the goods!  No armor is also presidentially approved.

Melania Trump3


And for extra credit, what is approved apparel for a piano?  Answer:  Melania Trump



Approved or not approved?  This Lady Knight suggests the more armor the better!

Lady Knight in armor


Approved or not approved? My guess is always yes for Angelina Jolie, here as Lara Croft Tomb Raider, 2003, laraider.com

Lara Croft Tomb Raider


Approved or not approved?  With such high ratings?!  Fuhgeddaboutit.  Jennifer Lawrence always approved.

Hunger Games


Approved or not Approved?  Again, ditto approval for high ratings of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen, photo in Yaraeh Magazine

game of thrones Daenerys Targaryen


And lets not forget the classic warrior chic, Xena Warrrior Princess played by Lucy Lawless.  I say approved for being so ahead of her time.  And great ratings.

xena warrior princess xena body armor inspiration for new us military uniforms for women oPt


Approved or not approved?  Does Jackie-O have what it takes to be a presidentially approved woman?

jacqueline kennedy onassis


Yes!! Approved!!

Melania and Jackie


Approved or not Approved?  I say utterly stunning.  Actually, I say that I get to say what is approved or not approved.  And so do you!
Love, love, love warrior elegance.

gold dress


Coco Rocha, Vogue Mexico, Photographed by Tesh.
Jean Paul Gaultier positively approved.  Commands respect and authority.

head dress


Jasmine Tookes, African Warrior.  Yes!

 african warrior quen


Armor fashion from Jean Paul Gaultier.  Master of mixtuality.

gaultier warrior


Steampunk as a genre incorporates so many empowering style elements.

steampunk idea 1


Here are some ideas that are getting closer to everyday wear

everyday steampunk looks

 Add a utility belt to any outfit and make space to carry your own rations

utility belt

Add This Look To Your Closet

Click on each item to view:
$- less expensive

Steampunk Fashion Guide

Boudicca pocket belt

leather utility belts

Rebels Market Brown Black Steampunk/Victorian Faux Leather Corset

Gypsy Warrior Electric Love Mini Dress

Warrior by Danica Patric Heathered Thermal Knit Wrap

White Tail Feather Sleeved Huntress Cinch Dress

$$$- more expensive

Net-a-Porter Alexander Wang Bomber Jacket, ready to riot

Net-a-Porter Miu Miu Satin Bomber Jacket, ready to riot a tea party

Net-a-Porter cute camo playsuit

J Cara Embellished Bodice Chiffon Gown

Temperley London Aura Lace Dress



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