To Bikini or to Hijabi? That is the Question


We do our best to look our best. But for who? Whoa. Who is doing the looking? We certainly know how the President feels. And Melania and Ivanka played that part--but now that they are in a public servant position, how do they see themselves? How do women see women? Do we even know? Do we like modesty or mother attachment--breasts out for instant access should we need some milky in our day. Is a woman more than her curves and comfort? Seduction is a serious part of the divinely created woman, as in sacred, don’t mess with it! But there is also the mysterious power of the put together pattern and palate. The feminine is mesmerizing.  But here's an idea: how about we dress for ourselves now? And ladies, context, context, context. There is a time and a place.

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Question: Why can’t I just dress like I darn well please? No one controls how I dress my body. Their reaction is their responsibility.
Answer: How do you know your ideas of what you should look like even came from you? Beware the narrative we were born into. Make your own. Respect the magnitude of yourself.

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This past September, Anniesa Hasibuan Becomes First Designer to Present NYFW Collection with Hijabs (head scarves), the article reads.  ( Photo:  Getty) This was also the first ever Indonesian designer. Hijabi means a woman in a head scarf. 

Hasibuan got the pink memo (this season's color).

anniesa hasibuan getty images elle


Hijab focuses us on each others eyes.  Poets and mystics consider our eyes to be the windows to our soul.   Penetrating looks into each others soul can be totally erotic.  Hasibuan takes a whimsical and stylish frame to this soul journey.  (Photo:  Getty)

 anniesa hasibuan glasses


First Lady Melania Trump made a career out of the other side of the cartoon:  baring her everything.  She faces some high stepping challenges into her new role in the respect department.

Click here to view some First Lady photos.

First Daughter Ivanka Trump has also graced her share of covers. The Harpers Bazaar cover perplexes me. This image so pleasing to men, styled by a woman, is in the name of crowning Ivanka her own business woman and debuting her new jewelry line. I am confused. Traditionally, a nearly naked woman weilding a construction drill is more suggestive of a porn image.  Is this a side jab woman on woman?  Or are was the stylist saying that this chick packs a bigger penetration punch than the boys?

View Harpaars Bazaar cover and pregnant playboy bunny look here.

Look who's sitting in the President's chair now. 

Click here for a series of busty Ivanka photos ending with a stockinged crop look.

The First Daughter can also be beyond elegant as in her silver gown below--and out of reach for most of America.  When you have it all--is less more? Otherwise, she runs the risk of being seen as a "tone deaf" or "let them eat cake" kind of Lady, as she was on the evening she released a silver gown image while the refugees were being rounded up on her father's orders (she did cop to the blunder).  The caption reads:  "Who wore it better?" (HarpersBazaar.comPhoto: Goff Crawley @VoiceofthePhan)

ivanka refugee

Most importantly for women, can we find an imbetween?  Can we have both modesty and style? Can we be the deciders and approvers, powerful in whatever we wear? How about this for a look US First Ladies:  a real person it is easy relate to.  This is the future Queen of England, Duchess Kate Middleton.

Click here to see Kate Middleton in jeans.

Kate is comfortable appearing in casual, business, official and evening looks.

Click here to see the wardrobe of an offical visit to India and Bhutan.

First Lady Michelle Obama wears red to symbolize happiness and good fortune with the Prime Minister of China and First Lady Peng Liyuan. Photo:

obamas in china

Here is an interesting parallel.  Peng Liyuan is known as the folk singer who became China's First Lady.  Another First Lady from humble, yet classy, origins.

Want to see how royals dress around the world?

Click here to watch this stunningly stylish video from Elle Magazine. The Chicest Royals of the Modern Era.

This following image of Ivanka seated in the President's chair was posted today:  "A great discussion with two world leaders about the importance of women having a seat at the table!"  (Ivanka's Twitter Feed). Can we believe in this transition?  That is definitely a proud father.

Click here to see post.

Click here to see the Ivanka Trump clothing line, which is how she sees women.  Now we are getting somewhere.  These are moderate, affordable looks, that begin to approach the everywoman.  What of the issue that they are made cheaply out of country to keep the costs down?  In one instance, causing a recall.  Many companies in the spotlight would face that same issue. 

So can we do it? Can we take the leap into Fashion Diplomacy with our First Daughter and First Lady? Can we as women define our idea of power on our own terms?  Again, I say timing and discernment play a huge role.  Stay tuned for next issue.

cartoon which to alter

(Reproduced with the permission of Cathy Wilcox, Fairfax Media

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